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I've seen reports of a guy named CID_8 already on here. looks like its the same guy now. i think his name was CID_11, cant remember the second digit. Seen this phaggot a couple times. ceebs collecting proof thats not my job. Does report function in game even work? Server asks for dono every 10 minutes, but can hardly deal with hackers lol. 

Every second game theres some fucken gronk with low self esteem crushing the server to make himself feel good.  

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Hey there,

My understanding is that the CID_XX names are assigned to players who connect with either no name or a name that isn't displayable. Not sure about what you mean by collecting proof not being your job, but I view making a recording of another player as a way to assist the admins on this server and helping to make this a more enjoyable community to play in. With respect to hackers, having been an admin for my own clan back in the day, I can attest to the fact that the Net-Jam server is very well patrolled. While a hacker may not be immediately dealt with while we are on and making recording or using !report, a simple posting of a recording to the reports section of this website is handled fairly promptly with bans administered when appropriate. Depending on availability, using report often will result in an admin coming on (sometimes covertly) to observe the player in question and take action. Be mindful that admins are volunteers with work and other responsibilities and may not show up immediately. Regarding donations, I am sure that the clan paying to host this server for your enjoyment appreciates any financial support that players want to give to keep this labor of love open for us to come and play on.


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