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Few things, NEVER a good idea to tell a suspected player "smile for the camera dbags" If they're not actually cheating you're gonna look like a jerk. Even if you're 1000% sure they're hacking there's no reason to accuse because they're gonna toggle their cheats and or play like they don't have them.

Pretty short demo, try to get a longer one next time id say. The kill on Don behind the dumpster right off of that nade suicide looked fishy at first glance but really that was the only open angle he had due to the airstrike covering the majority of the map. As for the wall bang on the player right after that his player model did seem further to the side when checked with lightboxes but that can be due to a ping difference and it was really the only thing that stood out to me.

In the future it helps a lot when you record a demo while assigned to the suspected players team (maybe while under an alias to avoid suspicion) , this lets the demo viewer hear battle announcer call-outs which makes it much easier to check UAVs and all that. Other than that just record longer! [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]
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