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Glad to have you on our server and also a member/contributor to our forums.
Apologies for our slow responses, most players post in the players forum and that's where most of NJA's look when we first log in :-)

Thanks also for your kind words :-) we do our best to keep the server free of cheats and really appreciate your support. Net-Jam Admins (NJA's) all give up their time for free to admin the server which is a 24/7 undertaking.

Anyway, welcome [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]

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TY for response, and I will contribute, the last time I contributed to a SQ was FUBAR, remember them?
My Son who dominates these FPS is now on Black Opps and is dominating there but isn't all that happy with it, he is trying BF2 the most updated one and likes it, if you remember his CS it was either, Metalslug or Camshaft !!

I'm 55 and still a kid at heart, not bad at FPS I got special perscription glasses for LCD screens and it has made a huge differance, I can see the little heads popin up and down now LMAO> L8r guys, and again GR8 server!

P.S. I live in the foothills in between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, where is Net-Jam located ?
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To NJ Padre!

I got a bit confused after I told Kovic GS, then from there it got lost in translation , I missed the chat after Kovic's response.
Any way it happens a lot, no harm no foul! you guys ROCK! , AKA, Jeff
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LA ?! wow, playing from Cananda and still have a ping under 120 =D and I'm at 4600 Km from L.A.
(one day I would come to L.A. ...but after my studies ! :p )
...I almost forgot: Hi RIO !

Following NJAs, because NJAs are awsome

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Thank you for your very generous donation [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]

This entitles you to wear the NJ (NJ-RIO) tag and also if the server is full, and an admin is on logged into mumble, ask and they will make room for you :-)

Thanks again

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RGR that Stevo, I did put NJ-RIO, Don't no why I typed NJA on response, its all good.

But!! I was in room yesterday and there were no NJAdmins in room ans I had to keep telling players NO LS or TUBES etc!
Finally Padre came in and kicked them, He might have been spectating :-). RIO, AKA, Jeff
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I suggest you to get Xfire, their is almost always an admin Online, they have put their Xfire name in the Admin tab.
Thats what I does, and it works pretty well [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]

Following NJAs, because NJAs are awsome

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NJA-Steve-O wrote:
download mumble, run through the wizard. Then when you have done that just click on the link on our website and youi'll connect. [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]

How do I download mumble? It's been too long and thus outta tech terms :oops:

It sucks I know, but you all know the speed to which I learn so please bare with me [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]

Anyways, hopefully I see you in server some time soon too RIO :p

It is not how hard we hit, but as to how hard we get hit and still move forward!

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