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Accused for knowing location of everyone without using UAV (does that even exist?)


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Morning! No, I didn't know where everyone was without UAV. Nor have I ever tried using any hacking software or anything like that. Don't even know how to do that haha. I really enjoy playing in Net-Jam server because so many good players and also it's hardcore. Please lift my ban.
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I saw the demo. It doesn't seem from it that I knew the location of the enemy team. However, let me explain. I rely on the usual positions from where the enemy may be sniping or camping. So as soon as I respawn, I normally throw a grenade toward that place. It's just instinctive and you can even see in the video that mostly it doesn't even reach the enemy. Moreover, in the video when I killed someone named "Bravo", I didn't know his location (also applies to my most kills), and the kill was pure instinctive. That's why I commented "wow" because I was surprised about suddenly seeing him hiding in there.
What more did you find fishy in the video? Kindly tell me and let me explain that too! And finally, see my deaths lol. I mean I am the most dead man in both teams mostly looool!! Hope you give that a thought. Thanks and regards!
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