Ignore the vast majority of this. -G1

To all players who have donated to help maintain the Net-Jam Hardcore Server, A big thank you, it is much appreciated by Straw and the NJA's.

What will donating get you. Well apart from the thx from NJA, you will get:

1. Access to the Net-Jam Mumble server (you and you only whilst playing on the Net-Jam HC Server only)

2. If you find there is no room on the server, make yourself known to an NJA via Ventrilo or xfire and the NJA will make room for you.

To donating players: Please be aware that your donation gives you the above and does not allow you to bend/break the rules of the server in any way, shape or form. If for some reason you are banned, you will have to post in the normal way and go through the same unban process that everybody else has to go through.

To all players, NJA will keep a list of donating players in our admin forum for NJA's to keep up to date as to whom has donated so please don't try to get an NJA to make room for you if you haven't donated because you will get caught out.

Once again thanks to all players who have donated and have fun on the server...

Just as an update, players who donate to the server can now sport the NJ tag (DONATING PLAYERS ONLY)

The format to be: NJ-(player name)

With these tags on you are expected to behave in a respectful manner at all times.

Oh and a small point, if you donate, please put your in-game name somewhere in the comments on the paypal payment.... and thanks in advance.