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Appealing My Ban

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So just now I was banned for wall hack on the hardcore server, however at the time there were to players named 'blackcat', and when I alerted an admin as to the fact that the other BlackCat was wallhacking I was banned instead of the other. I assume this was just a mixup and wish to get back to playing on the server. You can contact me through the account if you would like more details.

Thanks guys,

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Hi Hintmint,

I was banned immediately and wasn't using foul language but I was trying type wall hack which could potentially have set off the language warning. About not being able to play; whenever I try to join the server it pops up with the 'you have been banned' screen, however sometimes this doesn't happen and after 10 seconds of joining the server it lags out and then says 'server disconnected'. Do you have any idea why this is happening?
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