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Make me admin.


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Someone needs to make me an admin. I've been playing on the server for a while now, and there is a heap of cheating and camping scum that nobody is doing anything about because there are never any admins on. At least 1 player a game has walls and aimbot, and at least 40% of players are camping with snipers, hardscoping on headglitches, camping spawns so you have no chance of getting them and its just straight scum and they need at least a warning and if they continue then a ban. The servers don't need slots wasted by people that are just going to ruin the game for others.
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Hey Swizz.
We do not just appoint people admins here. To become an admin you must be a well trusted member/ player who regularly comes onto our teamspeak server (ts3.net-jam.com). You may apply to become a member if you so choose. You will also require a nomination from one of our Admins or Senior admins.
If you are having problems with any hackers you are more than welcome to record their gameplay with \record in the in game console and post to our forums.


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