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so today at 6pm pacific time I was banned by "Fruit" for supposedly 3 hours. Now it is 10pm and I am still banned. The reason is "3h troll and doesn't comply". I did not troll anybody, I was just playing normally and doing a few ele's.

(Fruit also kind of abused his rights earlier: I used a swear word in the chat, for which I received an automatic warning. Fruit saw that as a perfect opportunity to kick me, so he kicked me for the reason "lang". This is not right since you only get kicked for swearing after 3 warnings (of the automated system). I guess he was just searching for a reason to kick me.)

Please unban me. Not only because I've been banned unfairly, but also because the 3 hours are over and I'm still banned.

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Tempban must be broken and I apologize for that only. I've been reading through you're chat logs, and if you make any comments to disrespect other players. You're out. You should be good to go try logging in now.

Don't quote my quotes!

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