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XeN0 glitching


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Right around 3:15 - 3:30ish, Sunday 8/7/2016 I asked a player to stop glitching and he wouldn't, stating it wasn't against the rules. Many other players were getting upset. He indicated that he had previously asked an admin if that spot was OK and told me that the admin had cleared it as an OK spot. I would also like to know if this spot is acceptable?

Screen shot attached.

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You are confusing something here. I didn't say that I asked an admin about that specific spot. I was told that in general it's allowed to glitch, UNLESS you can't be killed. I can easily get sniped up there or killed by an grenade or whatever. Also there is nothing in !rules that says you are not allowed to glitch. But it would indeed be nice if some higher admin can confirm if it's allowed or not. If it's not, sorry and please add it to !rules, because those are the rules I follow.
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I stand corrected, you *did* say that you were told that it's allowed to glitch. I did look up to where you were - did not screenshot that, but there's a good reason you went 'WIZARD' (25 kills in a row), and I, for sure, could not see you and I doubt no one else could. It's not a natural place to get to as anyone could be able to tell from just looking at the screenshot above. It's true that there are some more 'rare' spots on varous maps that take a little more effort to get to - and it's those spots that the admins are OK with.

You've been pretty respectful as well so I'm not voting for a ban on you here, just a clarification which I think - should the admins be in agreement with me, I'm pretty sure you'll follow. But don't hold your breath on any of the documented rules being appended to because of something like this, the admins have a right to say 'no go' on something not explicitly documented. For example, did you know we don't encourage the use of the rocket launcher as a 'primary weapon'? 1 or 2 admins are very adament about it and will kick for that if their warning is not followed yet some of the other admins are pretty chill on it.

Anyway, thanks for being cool about this, see you in-game!

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Glitching over all is frowned upon, the main rule is if you can be killed, remain in the map and don't over abuse it, thats relatively ok, However in saying that, it is frowned upon and over abuse will see the rules changed. In the spirit of fair play we would ask that people don't use them especially long standing players.
Over abuse of glitches can result in explosions, kicks and over the top abuse of them (such as MG Glitch in pipeline or pipe glitch itself, a temp ban (leaving the map), depending on the scenario.

Using glitches can take advantage over the younger/newer players who are unaware of them or where to look for them, overall , It is asked you don't use them,In the spirit of fair play.


...Distract And Destroy...

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