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How would you feel if you got disrespected and talked down on.


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So I'm here because I was disrespect and talk down to by the owner of the "ARK" Server. Why? Well Ill tell you from my perspective of course, hes totally going to have something different to say but I just want to voice out and hear what you guys have to say about what happen.

So.. I've been playing on the ark server for awhile and I got on today to rebuild my base and my ark name is "Omar Mateen" you know.. the guy who killed those people on June 11, 2016 around midnight so pretty much June 12 and this admin banned me because of my name. So I asked him "why?". he said "because of my name". So I asked him what's wrong with my name, then he kept calling me a kid and he was telling me its not funny and he banned me instantly. So I told him to come into his teamspeak and explain to me why I need to change my name and tell me if i'm offending him or not. He said "I'm at work" lol so you're at work on the ark admin console but can't get on teamspeak. mhm I wonder where you work. So I told him that I live in Orlando 15min away from the nightclub pulse where the shooting took place and one of my gay friends was effected by the situation. So then I apologized to the guy because apparently I hurt his feelings in some shape or form. Then he wouldn't respond so the other admin had to come over and talk for him for whatever reason. Me being the type of person I am in this situation i'd say that he was not intelligent enough to answer my questions and make factual statements. So I told him i'm staying on his teamspeak waiting for him to get out of work so we can talk about why I can't have the name.

I know he will have nothing factual to say if he tries to argue with me because there is nothing he could possibly said about me having the name "Omar Mateen" beside "its my server so we go by my rules and opinions" which is cool bc he does pay for it and he can do whatever he wants on it. This guy whatever his name is because he wont show himself to me has no idea just how to respect others and not talking down to them just because I'm pretty sure he is much older than me or maybe hes younger idk. I'm 19 yes. I'm young but treat me with respect bc I'm just like any other Adult out there yes I'm young cool that is great but that doesn't mean i'm stupid. I'm about to get my bachelors at the age of 20 which is pretty impressive. I'm not going to talk a whole lot of shit about this guy because I don't know who he is, Of course I can make assumptions and I already have but i'm not going to be a dick.

PS: If this has offended you in anyway please feel free to come yell at me ill be in the ark channel.

but... IF this has nothing to do with you and you don't even know about the situation and what happen in Orlando please do come on this post and act like you know what you're talking about

I hope you all have a wonderful day! :d


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Im not an admin, nor do i play in that server.
I am however, old enough to know some of the rules of etiquette that exists in many online communities, such as this one.

The fact that you come here whining about a simple request to change your name, shows your level of maturity.
You are an entitled kid who feels like the server admin should explain why you cant keep your name. WRONG.
Its his server, When you get asked a request, you either comply or find somewhere else to play. Simple.

Your name is in poor taste, explaining that you have friends who are affected by this means nothing ... why pick it?

"So then I apologized to the guy because apparently I hurt his feelings in some shape or form. Then he wouldn't respond so the other admin had to come over and talk for him for whatever reason. Me being the type of person I am in this situation i'd say that he was not intelligent enough to answer my questions and make factual statements"

You didnt hurt his feelings, he already stated that he was at work, most likely had better things to do than tend to your tantrum, insulting him, once again shows a lack of common sense and courtesy as well as a lack of maturity.
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Hi Kobe,

Sorry about the delay and lack of response.
I am one of the admins of the ARK servers, I am not the admin of which the incident took place.

Having read the statement above, I was immediately took concerned with why you thought over all that it would be a good idea to argue with an admins simple request of changing your name.

Here in Net-Jam we have rules about overall respect for all players and admins and to show a bit of decorum with interactions with the community.
You stated you are aware of the association of the name, yet failed to see why it should offend but in the same notion are aware of its impact on the community in Florida.

You stated that you spoke to the admin and demanded they go into TS and you were upset he was unavailable due to work. Well in the real world, people work to pay the bills, gaming is a side time hobby. Not life.

I am perplexed by this overall.
Had you been showing this behavior (name and refusal to change it) in any other server of ours with any other admin, the response would have been the same. Change the name or suffer disciplinary actions.

I understand you were temp banned by said admin, the ban of which has been lifted.
However, the behavior if noted again (the names and the immaturity of your overall behavior) it shall be met with the same actions. As we are a community that caters to the entire planet, Not just one little corner of it.

I have not responded to cause a fight or incident to further the rift you seem to be experiencing.
As to the alleged behavior and mannerisms of the admin, as there were no other witnesses, we will take it with a grain of salt. If you have any supporting evidence please provide it.
However. As I stated, the manner of the way you have described the events regardless of the admin at the time, you would have been asked to change names 3 times and failure to do so would have been a temp ban. Further failure to change your name or further disrespectful behavior would have resulted in a more permanent ban.

If you wish to discuss this further, please message myself.


...Distract And Destroy...

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