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Because Daisy didn't believe me


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After careful review, you are right, I do not believe you. The twitching isn't indicative of an aimbot or mod of any kind and it is not enough to ban him. We appreciate the review and if other admins watch it and find it to be significant enough, steps will be made to ensure he is removed. As of right now, he looks clean to me.

High tolerance for bullshit.

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Twitching is literally the most indicative thing about an aimbot. Especially a shit one like his, and especially in Call of duty. I could gather tonnes more proof but you wouldn't allow me. I've done this for years, so trust me on this.
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Thank you for your help but, unfortunately, your standards of what it is and is not hacking is not the one we use here at NetJam. Bummer I know. I couldn't care less how indicative his movement is in your opinion, on NetJam, it is not a sufficient enough reason to ban someone.

I prevented you from taking up a spectator slot in a full server. It is not your job to take demos, especially not when there is already an admin on taking care of that process. I am terribly sorry you did not like my judgement. I do not and did not assume that I was right, either. So I checked him a second time for longer and found nothing. Then, I had another admin come in and take a demo, at the same time you happened to be trying to take one (which is another reason I warned you). If he notices people in spectator trying to do a job they are not meant to do he might turn the hack off. Defeating the purpose of our other admins trying to take a demo without being noticed.

As tempting as fallacies are to follow, I will in fact not trust you solely on the basis that you have done this for years. As I stated, other admins will take a look and decide but otherwise you have two different admins telling you he looks clean based on three different demos. I already told you we will keep an eye out in the future but as of right now two of us have seen nothing worthy of a ban.

High tolerance for bullshit.

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As Doge more tastefully put, he most certainly isn't hacking based on the video you've provided. Nor did Daisy, or Rattle see anything whilst speccing. The effort however is appreciated, and we will continue to keep an eye on him when he's online.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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