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Paintings of Mostly Dogs and Horses


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It's been a while since I've really painted anything, so I thought I'd share a few I've been working on.

I know a while ago I said that I would be doing a painting of dogs playing poker and here it is!
I can't quite believe it, but apparently this painting took me a little over 30 hours to complete. :dazed:

"Dawn Breaker"
This is my newest painting and also one of the few times I've worked with watercolors. I really enjoyed using them and not to mention it was way less time consuming then working with acrylics!

These are a couple of sketches that hopefully I will be painting soon:
68cff7a9cc6656542ee3a0f31418ec83.jpg I got the idea for this one from a song called "River".
e5de41eeb78c1d1ac59952e23dfd2ee4.jpg And this was a scene from a TV show up in Alberta, Canada that I thought would make a perfect painting. (The episode name is Step By Step, That's probably what I'll be titling this painting as well.)

I hope everyone enjoyed them and merry Christmas!!!

DoDo out

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Great work on all of them, Dodo! I really like the dogs and the painting within the painting. Good work takes time so 30 hours well spent I say. Nice to see that your sketching style is becoming more dynamic and expressive. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing it with us. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas too!


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