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Banned for WH


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Hey Guys,

Looks like i have been banned for suspected WH (assuming wall hack?)

Never hacked in my life. I am part of AK clan and i am legitimate. Our server has been kind of empty as we have moved more to BF4 so thought i would try out NJM. Good server, but just wondering why i have been banned.

i was using M4 with double tap, steady aim and 3 x nades perk. The M4 will punch through walls. If you have any recordings showing me hacking then please put them up for review.

Would be appreciated if you can lift my ban.


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Thank you, I was able to find your ban and I am currently in the process of getting ahold of the gentleman that banned you. One of us will get back to your ban as soon as possible once we are able to review the evidence.

Thank you for your patience and we hope to achieve a result very soon.


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Hey SKA, I apologize for the great delay. Since there is no statement from the banning admin, I will lift the ban.
If there is any trouble logging back into the server please reply to this thread.
Thank you for taking interest in our server, and once again I apologize for the inconvenience.

Don't quote my quotes!

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