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Future night idea 'Basic Survival Night'


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Basic Survival Night

Everyone gets a:
Special Nade
Choice of any pistol (no silencer options)
and choice of MP44, W1200 Shotgun, or M14 (no ACOG or Red Dot option)

*PERKS* Claymore, UAV jammer, Doubletap, 3 nade, 3 specials perks would be disabled, rest would be enabled (including C4!)

Rest of the weapons and weapon options not mentioned in the 'Everyone get a' section would be disabled

UAV would be disabled, airstrikes would still be enabled, Copters would still be enabled and remain the same as the current NJ server setting (weak health)

Just an idea, please don't hurt me! *ducks behind desk*

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If killstreaks could be disabled, I could see fight nights with pistols with lower-tier primaries being extremely fun.

I feel that killstreaks kind of negate the atmosphere of everyone having lower tier weapons and pistols. People would try a lot harder to get killstreaks, when everyone could just have fun running around with weapons people don't normally use.




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Thanks guys, I'm sure I forgot about mentioning another perk or two to disable. I recall some grief vocally expressed my way for using Juggurnaut the other day. I still think this would draw more people in than a total conversion - even though Star Wars mod rocked, and I still remember loving the paintball mod - I just think this would go down better than paintball. I just love all those colors in the paintball mod. BTW - when you log into a game, I recall seing a game window explaining something about a basic mode that already exists?

Colors... ahhh

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