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The Ban

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Dear Netjam Admins,

I will not appeal to my own ban as I agree that my account deserve the ban after what my cousin has done to this server. But M4Carbine JR only used the UAV hack as a dare. I am pretty sure that it was not serious and I hope you can make his ban to a temporary ban and allow him to join your server again.

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We will not be lifting the bans. If "dares" stripped a person of their agency then I would say you had a point, but letting any of you back into our server would be doing a disservice to our many, longtime regulars who have managed to go their CoD careers thus far without hacking.

I'll be honest, it's rather bittersweet banning a chunk of players who played so often for something as dumb as a UAV hack, especially in a game this old. It's difficult as it is to develop and maintain a community without hackers polluting the experiences of others. You guys don't seem like bad people, but you chose to hack anyways, and you got caught red-handed.

I honestly hope this was an eye-opening experience for you all and ideally you guys can go on to join and contribute to other communities in a positive manner; but we cannot, in good conscience, let you back into our community. Our rules and trust have been broken; you will never regain our trust and our rules are meaningless if we do not enforce them. There are consequences to your actions, whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap.

Have a good day.

"Don't quote my quotes!" -Fruits

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