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Please Forgive the noob - New to the COD scene, didn't realize the rules against Last Stand.


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I logged onto your server and found I was banned. Not sure exactly why, although I suspect I had the Last Stand perk on my class. I am new to COD online and not familiar with all the server rules. It's hard to read all the posts flying by when there's so much shooting going on. I was probably warned but didn't see the warnings - too busy trying to stay alive. After getting kicked from a couple other servers I thought it was due to ping spikes, so I'd log back in only to be immediately kicked, I finally realized after visiting their sites they all had rules against Last Stand and Martyrdom ( to my surprise). I've been reinstated ( they were only auto-temp bans) on those servers and I have since removed those perks from all my classes so it doesn't happen again. I am not a noob to online games but I am a noob to COD servers and still learning, and would like another chance. Thanks for considering.

My player name was Derp and has since changed to Gravity.
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