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Banned- ACF_chef

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I was banned on 06/20/2015 about 11:15am Pacific time
Every time I was killed by player named Focken, I commented back with something. I do not understand how a player can have a name without being banned for profanity, yet if a player uses the same word in context, the player will get banned. Secondly, since when is Focken considered profanity?
Please remove ban on me so I can get back to playing on your AWESOME server.

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Hey, chef what ign were you playing in?
But it shouldn't really matter as you would have been auto banned for couple minutes by the B3 (Server system)
When there's an admin on the server usually the admin will change the player's name for its obscenity.
I would like to apologize that you had to endure this situation.
We, at Net-Jam, usually censor all types of words that can be used as profanity. As some..like.. "lel" or "reckt" ...no comment on these two.
If you still can't join the game, please leave the IGN you were playing on the reply thread.

Don't quote my quotes!

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