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Request to become an Admin / NJA


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Hello Net-Jam, I am new to this website and I love the server.
I made this thread to request to become an NJA because of the some recent hackers who keep bugging the game.
My game alias is Nabil II. I play everyday to see have fun in the server and see if there are hackers around.

Hope you admins read this thread. =)
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Hi nabil,

When we recruit our NJA's spot potential admins and keep an eye on them.

We prefer our admins to be 21+ years of age although now and again we do make an exception if the potential admin shows maturity and self control etc.

Best I can say to you at this stage is get yourself a mic and come onto our mumble server with us. Get to know us and let us get to know you. Display an ability to spot cheats accurately and to also show your knowledge of weapons and how much recoil each weapon has etc. This is still not a gurantee of admin, a sense of humour is definitely a must as we are a motley crew :-) but with a serious commitment to keeping the server clean.

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