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Professional CoD4 VOD database

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I enjoyed playing promod with you guys tonight, despite my terrible internet problems. I was talking with some guys about promod and cod in general afterwards and I decided to look for this resource I used years ago to improve my gameplay and thought you guys might be interested.

This is the link (bottom of page) to hundreds of professional CoD4 matches that were streamed and shoutcasted back when CoD4 had a thriving competitive community. I don't know exactly how many people here would be interested in this, but I decided to go ahead and post it anyway. The quality isn't that great because streaming a game like this at full graphics settings 3+ years ago required a beast of a computer for the time being, but it's solid enough to see what's going on.

If you have some time to set aside to watching a video or two, I think that it will help you guys learn promod at a faster pace and maybe even some things you didn't know about the maps. If there are any questions about what's going on in a video or if anyone has any questions about promod in general, feel free to message me and I'll help you out.

Another thing that was tossed in the air is the thought of an in house match on the promod server. Like get say 10-12 people on at once and have a 5v5 or a 6v6. Maybe a team captain for each side to pick teams or a random generator to determine who's on who's. I personally think it could be a lot of fun but I'm just not sure if you guys are into that sort of thing. A lot of clans/groups do in-houses and the ones I've participated in have always been a blast.

Anywho, here's the link. http://e-rev.tv/index.php?page=casts&gid=2&icon=10

I hope it helps those who are interested. Just hit the little ">" button under "More" on the right hand side and it'll take you to the VOD of that match. May wanna let it load some to avoid skipping. Their servers have always been a little slow, but it's good stuff. Note that in this link, only the first page is displayed. Up at the top above the VODs it will say "Category" and to the right of that it will display "Page" and "List". You can cycle through the pages from there and change the list to 30 for more results per page.

Oh and if you're unsure what to watch, start with the vVv vods. Very solid team.




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