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Colored Pencils

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Lately I've been doing character sketches with colored pencils and it's been an interesting learning curve for me. Which surprised me because when i picked them up back in January i thought they'd just be fun to play with, and they were. But mostly it helped me understand how to use the basic color wheel and how to think ahead, since it's not as easy to cover up your mistakes as it is with paint.

This first sketch took me about ten minutes, whereas the last one took me easily over five hours to complete- which I'm a little ashamed of lol.





For me, colored pencils is a great learning tool; but personally I would rather spend the five hours working on a painting instead of a "quick sketch". Ah well.
Anyways, let me know what you think!

DoDo out

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Really nice work Dodo! Crayons take a lot of planning and patience to work with and yes, when they go wrong, there is no covering the mistake. I like the colour choices that you made. The bottom pic is dark and moody with some interesting light sources. It takes a long time to build up the layers and then blend them to look even and smooth. Don't be ashamed of spending a lot of time on something. If it turns out well, it's worth the effort. You may know it already but, some illustrators lay in various colours and blend them with a white crayon to smooth out the look. Great stuff and thanks for sharing. I admire you for trying different techniques and then showing everyone what happened. You are very brave!


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Thank you so very much, Boards! I know what you mean, while working on the character's tiny eyes i was focusing very hard on not messing up that when I looked up i was cross-eyed lol. I really enjoyed doing the dark purples and blues with the red light source- not to mention his angry expression, that was a lot of fun!
I actually didn't figure out the white pencil until the third sketch in. On the last picture I used the white pencil a lot on the monster because i wanted to fade the colors a bit so my character would stand out more.
Thanks again Boards, I never know quite how to reply to your comments because the only thing that comes to my mind is, 'Thank you!' and that just doesn't cover how much i appreciate them!

DoDo out

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You are most welcome Dodo. As Kovic says, you are truly talented. Just think how much you learn with every hour you put in. Mistakes are valuable because you usually don't make them again! You get better all the time Dodo. For fun, turn your drawing upside down when you are working on it to check the symmetry. You can also hold it up to the light and flop it the other way round. Glaring mistakes are immediately evident. Keep it going Dodo!


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I'll give it a try, thanks Boards! :d

Thank you, myth! Shading can definitely be a struggle for me as well.
That's funny because I probably had the most fun doing that one, I'm happy you liked them!

DoDo out

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