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There are a few improvement we can make NJ a better server for everyone.

1) For the server, i guess we should make an universal language which is English. And any other language mention in the server will be counted as 1 warning.

2) For the perk, we should get rid of the juggernaut and maybe 3 special grenades.

3) Lagging issues, like if your ping in the game from 200 becomes 400 and above, auto kick from the game to reconnect( not sure whether is that possible, just suggesting).

4) Creating a new forum for introducing Admins/Moderators/Members of NJ, this category is dedicated to let every people playing NJ server know who they are.

5) Calling admin in game like(!admin .name of the person. reason)
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Hey Daring! Thank you for your post. I like #1.

#2 we don't allow 3 Frags already, so we'll discuss your proposition with the other seniors and see what happens. Juggernaut I agree with you also, but we still have to discuss with all the seniors.

#3 We, as far as I understood, we have it set to Max Ping of 350 after that you're kicked. You have to understand that we have many people connecting from all over the world and it would also be unfair to them if we set it any lower since there's not very many good servers left to begin with.

#4 I like that too!!!

#5 We have something already setup as well, where admins have key words and will ping admins if anyone says those Key words. It's just that were a little short staffed right now, so you'll just have to bear with us. :)

Thanks again for your input!!!
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