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Personal challenge: when was the last time you did something for the first time?

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It is great to see that this is getting response, thanks Boards and Z. I expected this question will hit me back, thanks Z. It took me quite some thinking to be honost with you. I like it that you take effort in helping your buddies and it is satisfying for you. For me there are 2 things that come to my mind. First is that I recently started to sell my working equipment before buying new stuff. Just for me it is a waste not to do that and i think that we (all wealthy) are wasting resources. The fact that i sell someone can use it, is not buying a new thing, the resource will still be in use. The stuff i sold: audio home speaker set and my tablet. I bought a new tablet that is better to my liking and i am researching to by a new speaker set that will fit better (smaller bookshelves rather than those bulky floorstands).
The second new thing i started is to do mentoring/coaching young people and it gives satisfaction to see people benefit from this. And this question i posted here is also a part of this, to provoke people to realize they have more potential than they think they do. I hope this answers your question and i hope more of our buddies here will take 5 minutes to let us know their experience and all can learn from that!
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Awesome thread Terror! Like you said, it's exciting to see what people are going to post.
The last thing I can think of I've done for the first time, would be taking up guitar about a year ago. Also, I just started my first job; though, I have done the work before, just never got paid before, so I'm not sure if that one counts.



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I'm with my twin, I started my first job last week! And instead of the guitar, it's the piano. I know last year isn't recently, but last December was my first time coaching a 3rd and 4th grade girls basketball team. And this Thursday will be my second year for coaching!

DoDo out

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Hi Dodo and Jojo, many thanks for your reaction and it is nice to hear you like this, and even nicer to see you did new things recently. Yes everything counts, playing instruments, starting to work. The essence of this provoking question is that with growing older we should not stop doing new things we never done before, like when we were growing up as babies/little kids trying everything and learning by trial and error! With most new things we will have a wow-experience, good and bad. I still remember that I did not like golf as it seemed an elite sport, and one of my university friends organised a trial lesson for a group of friends. The very first time I hit the ball (beginners luck) it flew over hundred meters and it really gave me a WOW feeling. Eating something completely new can be feeling like I should have eaten this long time before. Bungi jumping could one, not for me as my back is too rotten to keep my body together, but I still would like to, and I will find an opportunity is too should some guns and rifles for real like we do in COD
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