If you've been banned then you're in the right forum. Please take a moment to read this post as it may help with lifting your ban.

Only the Staff member responsible for banning you can lift the ban. If you feel the ban was unjustified, create a new topic with your IN-GAME player name in the subject line and do you best to explain what happened, along with the time and date you were banned. Only the banned player and Staff may post.

You may be upset when posting, but displaying harsh words will not help your situation. Staff members are more likely to help when pleading your case professionally. Please explain what happened legibly and do not let your feelings get in the way.

If you are reading this and you are a regular player on the NET-JAM.com(HARDCORE) server, remember that if you play under a different name and get banned, the banning Staff member does not have to have a recording as is the rule for our regular players.

So, take note and remember. If you do change your name, you will be treated as a new player to the server player and will not receive the same considerations you would have playing with your regular name.