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Just to continue my complaining....WHY NO ADMINS ON? NO ADMINS IN VENT...NO ADMINS IN XFIRE...HACKERS UP THE FREAKING ASS IN THE SERVER...WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? The server (as usual) is full..FULL....of hacks. I can't get ahold of anyone to do anything about it. Can't call Straw anymore because he's to busy and now has to pay for any phone calls forwarded to him. The good old days are obviously gone man..and that's sad. So, there you have it. If you don't care...why the hell should I continue to care?
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Sorry Nam there have been alot of hackers on, but due to people moving and people going on vacation for the holidays, we can only do so much. I am out of town and away from my computer so I can not ban as many people as I would LOVE too but I will be back home soon.
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Garry, I understand how frustrating it is to be on the server when a hacker shows up and there is no admin to handle it. That having been said, you cannot behave the way you did today on the server. You can't do it, we can't tolerate it. Go smoke a joint, go have a beer, go take some oxygen, go do something..... but don't put me in the position you put me in today again....everybody gets treated the same on the server and what you did today pushes the outer limits of what can be tolerated..... it just doesn't work for the rest of the players, or the NJA who are in-game, when you're going off like you did today.


The Rules for a Gunfight:

1. Bring a gun. In fact, bring two guns. Bring all your friends who have guns.

2. Incoming fire has the right of way.

3. Flank when possible. Protect yours.

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I understand admin cannot be present 24/7 but this is the best server i`ve found, TK`s was good except 4 the gimp thing. However the amount of hackers constantly here will wreck all your good work done with netjam.Please ,recruit more admin.I suffer from bad ping , but when I can get here it used 2 b reassuring I could get a good game .Although not a complete fan, where is Surreal ,he ran a good game. Respectfully killing you .nik.
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Sorry about that Papa. Did'nt mean to test your patience. Obviously my patience went out the window. Took awhile, but I knew it would happen sooner or later. You are correct, tho...I did put you in a bad place and I apologize for that. Good thing I did'nt have my gun sitting next to me...I'd have probably blown and few holes thru this computer. Again..sorry man. I'll see you online, if I can get on the server that is...Gary
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We have several names of potential admin candidates that are being vetted at the moment. Our criteria is stringent and we will not give admin to the first joe off the street just for the sake of filling an admin slot.

I understand your frustration and agree that something must be done. It is. But we reserve the right to go about our business in the manner that has made this server what it is. We are recruiting mature, level headed admins. Harder than you think to get that in a gaming community.

First the potential candidate must be a known regular who loves the server and respects the rules.

Second, they must be nominated by an existing admin and seconded by other admins.

Third, they must undergo an internship where they are mentored by the nominating admin.

This internship lasts until the nominating admin decides to put their plebe up for inspection by the senior admins, if the plebe passes muster, he is given provisional admin power subject to continued supervision.

We have had several candidates pulled or dropped at this point.

We have some of the best admins on the net because of our process but as noticed, when the holidays roll around, we get massive gaps in coverage. It seems that we ignore the issue because guests are not privy to the admin and senior admin forums section.

Hope that clears that up and offers some insight into what we are doing.

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Nam, KG just posted a well worded answer to your post, describing what we are doing to recruit.

I'm sorry if that doesn't provide you with what you need immediately. However, I think "blah" smacks of contempt and disrespect towards KG's response to you.

Both Straw and KG and Sac are incredibly patient and diplomatic where as I'm a little bit more blunt, ok drop the little bit then lol and won't tolerate half as much as they...

If you've read my response in the banned section you'll get where i'm coming from.

KG is correct in that we do have the best admins on the net because most other server admins run on ego and ego alone which means by now you will have been long gone as in "adios amigo"

So I hope you take note and decide that we are all friends on this server and do what we can as best we can.
It's just a game at the end of the day...

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well i must say one thing though, i have even talked to nam re this. we have the opinion that this clan is run like as a dictatorship, no input is allowed Of the 3 clans i have run, we didnt do this. ALL were allowed input and all made decisions based on a vote, then the meeting monthly , would turn to issues for just admins and officers. sorry guys but it is true.... and its one reason I would never accept this position if offered. I expect to open my own little clan, once again, (Im gettin 2 old 4 this) sometime after the holidays - i have no dislike or contempt for straw on down and have made many friends so i enjoy it here also. If u r the BEST admins on the net as someone said why are there so many turnabouts on info based from good decisions initially?? ie: someone is banned...then brought back , and this can happen numerous times. Absurd! So you make mistakes even with your firmest hand on the wheel exclusively.
What else can be expected heh? WELL but for the "ego" of a very few, as kg alluded to.... sorry kg, but is ego, and its yours too.... yours amoung them....well thats it isnt it hmmm just cannot be any other way huh?

If it were more open here i would have given my best to add to the whole so i have held off....and not offered anything...and i have been here i guess for about 6 months or more...people have great ideas and they must be allowed a forum....... to me this is part of the fun ya know....? You;d be suroprised how fast you get to know a guy when hes talking to you in a meeting.....and having guys u know to play with and allowing creativity to flourish.

BTW in closing, straw, etc.... wouldn't have all that work to do either ....IF more officers and admiins were around.
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Clarification needed here. NJA is not a clan it is a team of admins.

Added: There are always people around who think this server needs "fixing". Offend or not, the truth is that this server is owned by Straw and Straw runs it with his team of chosen admins. Players do not get to run the server no matter how creative they may seem.

Sorry if this doesn't match your idea of how Net-Jam HC Server should be run Sketch but that's just the way it is. This is not a clan where the majority vote gets things done. In fact, that style normally ends in chaos as in too many chiefs and not enough indians.

Life is about leadership and so is NJA.

No offence intended...

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We all know the saying "this is just a game" but not to me and i'm not the only one, Net-Jam is run by a gamer for the gamer. NJA isn't just three letters, it's a symbol of acceptence.

NJA have and had members that put all they have into this tag and it means alot to them and those who want to wear it. This server has stood strong through many things and it has also lasted through each thing thrown in front of Net-Jam and NJA. If things were different it wouldn't be NJ it would be just another game server nothing more nothing less.

NJA's take their orders as they are told, If i was able to go back in time I would of never left NJA. Net-Jam is fine the way it is because it's home and soon others will wear the tags and stop these hackers. Net-Jam will last as long as there are people wearing the tags NJA
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Why dont you guys use pb and pbbans?? this would fix some of the problems.....As a regular player on your server regardless of how Nam put it he is right....sometimes even when there is an admin and there is an obvious cheat it takes a while or doesn't happen at all. Anywhoo just my 2 cents pbbans if nothing else is a pretty good scare tactic. And sometimes a little ego works too hackers go to servers they know will be easy on them sometimes it seems like an act of congress to get a hacker kicked on NJ. But hey what do I know, love the server obviously I am there all the time, just had an opinion. thx
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Thanks for the input guys but PB isn't a saint and it removes the wrong players most of the time, I play from Australia and PB makes it impossable for me to play and thats just me there are so many more players from around the world that wouldn't be able to play.
Fuyu its a good idea but the process of banning players is sight and ban, we need to see the hack in place and make sure its hack and not just a good run, players would record what they thought was a hacker and if the video was viewable the other times it didn't show enough, we are working hard with this time of the year and most admins taking time off but never fear this will be resolved soon.

Fuyu can you let me know what time-zone and time you play plz, this will let us know what our dead zones are ty
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I think it is GMT +1 or what it is called since I am from Sweden, I often plays between 17:00 and 24:00 from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays and Sunday it is often between 11:00 before midday until three in the morning if I am right
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