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A Call For Help.....

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With very sad news I have to say that a very good friend of mine has passed away.

Earlier tonight my friend Adam Estes passed away after a 5 month battle with Ewing sarcoma, a really aggressive form of cancer.. like many of us here he was a good friend to anyone would take the time out of his day to make you smile or. Brighten up your day. He was only 24 and left behind a 2 year old son. When he became really sick and his health took a turn for the worst he didn't have life insurance. About 3 weeks ago hospice was called in. And he knew he didnt have much time left here left. Which to be honest is a very scary thing to think about.

His younger sister Chelsea has set up a donation page in hopes to raise some money for Adam's funeral and what is left over will be sent into a college fund to help his 2 year old son. Down below I will post the link for the donation page. Please take the time to look at it and maybe help out if you can.


Adam Estes Memorial Fund
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