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reason for bannage?: unsure
admin that banned?: fruits
what i was doing: simply playing.

i don't know why i was banned but fruits banned me for what i assume was "cheating" because I was topping the server, or personal beef, i dont know.
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Cheating? Personal beef? Don't know about that; however, I've warned you once for your language which happened to be the third warning you've received in the server. After that you simply typed so many cuss words which got you temp banned.
Then, you came back in a different GUID and an IP; I've looked you up through echelon found out you've had a prior ban for wall hacks by a different admin.
You know what you've done. And calling a server you're playing a "shit server," then making an appeal?
Nice move Sherlock

Don't quote my quotes!

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I will have a discussion with other admins whether it will be a perm ban or a temp ban will be decided in less than 24 hours from this point. However, you will still be banned from the server for a day on your prior "Temp. Ban" from the B3.
Have a nice day and cool off for a bit.

Don't quote my quotes!

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Break, you will be Permanently Banned due to your behavior in-game and especially vulgar language. I do know that "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" is a R rated game, yet the server at Net-Jam prefer our guests to be friendly and social. Instead of a guest who cusses at other players or contradicts them for being so horrible at all times.
We at Net-Jam respect all players a novice or pro and will stay that way.
Thank you.

Ban stays, thread locked.

Don't quote my quotes!

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