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8th infantry

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I got kicked from 8th for not changing my game name. I asked why I needed to change my name and got no answer. I still didn't change my name and went back a couple of days later to play again and then got banned. Are the admins at 8th (Ivor Mills) using the modelling glue a little to much without having a model to work on or what?
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One in the same. Wasn't given a reason to change my game name the first time. I asked before I got kicked but got no response. Went to the website, registered to ask why and never got an answer. Got banned for who knows what. E-mailed Ivor Mills as to why I got banned and still have not heard anything from it.
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To be fair, their server their rules. If they ask you to do something, best to do it and then, very carefully and respectfully, ask why.

Fair question as to what's wrong with your name. However I wouldn't expect a reasonable answer. Watching 8th's "Unban Me" forum (which seems to be regularly flushed of old topics) since I myself was banned there while back (accused of cheating - to their credit the ban was lifted), I've seen dozens of kicks/bans made and upheld with no reasonable justification. 8th Infantry's leadership consistently demonstrates poor judgment and lack of accountability and regard for players. That's partly why I stopped playing there.

However they run active servers and remove truly disruptive players quickly, and there are a lot of people in 8th who are nice to talk to and play with. Credit where due—just trying to call everything like it is.

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The large majority of us here are done with the {8th}. Their poor judgement and lack of admin prowess is evident, having banned myself and several other NJA members for unspecified 'hacking' and refusing to lift them despite calm, respectful appeals. I agree Tig, that some of the guys over there are genuinely nice people, but it baffles me how they manage to keep such an active server(s) given the way they police it.

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it baffles me how they manage to keep such an active server(s) given the way they police it.


They have no talent over there. Anyone, beginner...mediocre player, can go there and feel good about themselves. They remove those that are too good and/or refuse to dumb down their play ability to make everyone happy.

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