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nVidia Quadro Card

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Hey people.

I'm wondering if anyone here is using a Quadro card from nVidia. I need a workstation grade graphics card for video editing, and need to ditch my pair of GT-460's. I'm just worried about game performance. Let's just call this a first-world problem.

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Depends which Quadro card you are going to use Gizmo. Basically the GPU on the Quadro is the same as the GForce, they just have different aspects switched on/off. The Quadro's has more onboard RAM which performs better as it's better quality and has error correction etc.

The very high end Quadro cards (High in price too) will apparently, do pretty much anything you ask of them, just depends on budget really.

I pulled this off of Tom's Hardware. Saves all the typing lol


Hope it helps

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i7 950 @ 3.4G. I've had it for almost 3 years. I'm looking for a way to cut down rendering times in Sony Vegas Pro. The Quadro K5000 is an $1800 card. Heck, I could build a system for half that and use it just to render video. Just now thought of that.
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