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Unban Request - {FH}Q


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Name: {FH}Q
Banning Admin: pwnstar
Reason: WH
Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?kukqsdedhcepky9

Played a couple of games just now, went to get a drink, left server, rejoined and it came up NJpwnstar banning {FH}Q for WH. I will upload the demo of that match shortly as I do not hack and it actually surprised me when I rejoined and was met with that on the chat as I had only just left and come back and the match before was mostly Deagle kills. If there is anything else you need to know, let me know and I'll post.
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I banned you for WH after speccing for almost the entire map of Downpoor. We have a 3 strike system before banning and video evidence for regulars. You do not satisfy the requirements for regular since you dont have at least 50 connections. I recorded on downpoor you shooting NJA-Wabaki through the tractor warehouse wall with no way to tell he would be there from watching the demo a few times and seeing it realtime. I was not the only admin who was watching you at the time so if they have anything to add I'll ask them to.

I think you're a good player and I'm willing to unban you if you can explain the shot on Wabaki towards the end of the match where you shoot him through the warehouse. Thank you for being respectful in your unban plea.

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In regards to the kill on Wabaki, I heard his remote from the C4, I have stopping power on that class and the walls of the tractor building are thin. When I heard the click I spammed away.
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