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Banned by foo..


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So i was playing earlier on your NJA Hc server on vacant. My alais at the time was HMMOKAYM8

Other team had an obvious wallhacker on it (shooting everyone through walls/preaiming ect.)
All of a sudden foo comes out and tells me im using some sort of aim assist with scope? Before i could say anything i was instantly kicked and banned from the server. Annoyed i changed to a new cod 4 key ( i accidently brought a teampack from a cd key wholesaler a while ago when i quit cod 4 and lost my old copy.

While this isnt about the other player it angers me that i was somehow singled out for being a cheater when there was one running rampant in the server.

Now to my ban. My main Question is why? What sort of aim assist do you think i had that lead you to banning me? i have played on your server quite a few times with no accusations or any of the sorts and have had a better scores with multiple NJA members in the server than the one you are claiming i cheated with.

Without sounding big headed ill tell you a little about myself
I have played this game since it came out and cod 2 previously before that.
My main role is a scope its what iv been doing since the start of playing and what i have constantly trained and tested myself with against some of the best players in the country.
Have competed and nearly every season of Australian Cybergamer leagues from divisions such as the open, main and invitational leagues
Have competed in various other online tournaments
I have attended multiple lans and done very well which has lead me to win Various prizes over the years.

Having been part of an ac team and managed servers in the past i am aware at my style of scoping can look suspicious at times with fast acurate flicks at the slightest view of an enemy.
Also at times it can seem that i can almost tell the whereabouts of a enemy before i even see them.
The only thing i can really say against this is that due to the sound gear i use giving (worth almost as much as my computer) me completely clear and accurate sound and the awareness i have of maps i am able to turn the the slight sound into a tool for picking where enemies are and where they are running too.
This isnt the first public server i have been banned from and im unaware of how you will respond to this.
All i can really ask for is for me to be fully explain why i got the ban and or some way i can prove that im a legitimate player.

Usually i would just move on and find a new server, however with the Australian Pub scene of cod 4 diminishing i have needed to find other higher pingged servers to spend my free time playing on.
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I'm going to respond to this once, and once only and the ban will stay. You were caught before using an AB by Hellbound using the name 'how2admin' and with a different GUID. You then created another GUID/name(HMMOKAYM8) to reconnect and get around our server administration application, and were banned again by another admin(Shortbus). Then again, you were banned by me for Aim Assist(I watched you for close to 5 mins). All while using different GUID's(4 as of this post, I find it hard that you just happen to have bought 4 copies of the game and if so, why, that doesn't make sense). So either you have money to burn to keep buying the game with new keys, which my gut feeling is no, most people wouldn't take a 2nd look at a server more than once if they were banned the 1st time let back in then rebanned, or you have a GUID keygen. The latter is probably the case since you re-joined everytime with different GUID's after being banned, so your circumventing our rules.

At any rate, your blocked from the server permanently, case is closed. We've gone through enough hoops with players that are repeat offenders. Sorry, there is no wiggle room on this.
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I said i had accidently purchased a team pack from a Key retailer a while back (team being 5). The price was like $5 more and i didnt notice. I since gave out those keys to friends starting the game. Doesnt mean i dont have access to the keys anymore tho.

I was banned under the name how2admin because i swore towards an admin for banning someone else who hacking while leaving someone that the whole server was complaining about. I had a go at the admin because if anyone said anything about that player the admin would just rage at them and tell them to be quiet.

Bannned by shortbus? what??? When?

if you have a demo i would love to see it.

I would easily be able to tell you what was going through my head at any point in time.
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