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Ive been playing under the name Gibson , Ive played on your server over a hundred times, today I joined, after like 30 secs perma ban, no reason given, someone said hi gibson then perma ban, Ive never hacked, never been accused of hacking and frequent the server alot, I dont understand it???????????
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This is NJA-Gryphus_1's ban, however it has been some hours since your ban.

You are a member of the 8th clan? If so you are not welcome at Net-Jam.

The 8th admins decided that they would start banning Net Jam Admins from the 8th server because of so called "cheating" which is a crock. The level of play of NJA's is high and a little too much for the 8th admins. Any bunch of admins who used skype when in game really don't know what they are doing and it wasn't until an NJA (me) suggested they use mumble like competent admins that they started to use mumble.

I think I am the only NJA who is not banned from the 8th. Purely because I only played there the one time, just to experience what was being talked about - a poorly admin'd server with admins arguing amongst themselves about the rules and not knowing the difference between high skilled players and hackers.....

So, 8th clan members are not welcome at Net-Jam because of the disrespect displayed by the 8th admin team for NJA and Net-Jam in general.

If you leave or have left the 8th clan you will be welcome back but until then i'm sorry but the ban stays.
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Seriously? WoW I've played in your server over 100 times and you ban me over a dispute you have with another clans admins, I've had some great games with you steve-o, I guess good games with decent players count for nothing when your admin is on a power trip.
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This really has nothing to do with a power trip! With respect, did you not read what i just posted above?

Were you playing as {8th}Gibson or not?

This is nothing personal, the 8th clan is not welcome, we have a blanket ban for the 8th on Net-Jam, it's as simple as that and for the reasons I have stated above.
Nothing against you personally, but if you are a member of the 8th then enough said.

If you are no longer a member of the 8th just say so and after being unabnned, we will do our best to welcome you back to the NJ HC Server [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]

FYI, yes Gryphus_1 was the banning admin but he is away so I am addressing this for him.... just in case you wondered....

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So I take it you left the 8th? ok we will take your word for it.... however, removing your tags when you are on our server will not be enough. We will know if you have left the 8th or not so let's hope you are being truthful....

Gryphus_1 has unbanned you.

If you have issues, can't join the server, post in this thread.

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