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banned about 30mins ago by pwn for WH

I guess the first thing is I don't hack, I was just playing and having a small talk with the banning admin about how he was going easy on me and he said that he was finding it hard to keep his eyes open, about a few more kills later he banned me for WH.

Just have a question for the banning admin, if you found it hard to keep your eyes open and only used kill cam how do i defend that i wasn't hacking? 10sec of a kill cam doesn't show much and if your tired how much did u see?

I would like the banned removed please because like i said i don't hack, well ty for listening...or read to be more correct.
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I didnt ban you from a killcam. I watched you throughout the map. We have a 3 strike rule for bans and you exceeded this number hence the ban. People get tired, it happens all the time in life. People drive home from work tired. They are still able to do it. My being tired has nothing to do with what happened. The real question you should be asking is what convinced me that you were walling? To that question I would respond: Explain how I spawn across the map in full silent loadout and you immediately are shooting directly at me. Then when I take a look you are doing it to my teammate as well. You also have an uncanny ability to be lined up with your opponents bodies through walls as you ascend stairs so that when you are exposed to shoot you can do so immediately.

In any case, it appears Im being overruled here so none of this really matters. If Steve-O vouches for you thats good enough for me.
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The map is kill house, I was standing at the top of the building when i am at that point and no team mates there are only two spots for u to spawn and u had only just been killed to the right. So the only place that seemed like the right spawn was the left side, but if you we specing you wouldn't of been killed correct? so that shot doesn't count to one of my strikes.

i find it hard to believe that you didn't base your ban on kill cams since the whole map I was killing you and last I looked you can't be killing and spec'ing at the same time.

If you had been specing me when going up stairs, you would have also seen there is a gap through the window that let's you as you walk up and since your team mate is a poor shot he gave away his location easy yet finding you was hard when you did split up since it was only till you got close and the tool of a team mate wasn't shooting so carefree that I could hear ur foot steps if you were in spec would of seen my gun jump as I shat my self because I had seen you so close.
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We have had some reconstruction of some features and most of us are logged out of the program that allows us to ban/unban people. Ive messaged Steve-o that im unable to log in at the moment so hopefully he will be able to get back to me soon. Please be patient while I sort this out.
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