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banned on login


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i was logging in to the net-jam server at about 9:30pm melbourne time on the 26th dec
as the map finnished loading the screen went to "select team" and then went blank.
i dont know who it was but i was perm banned before i even played. i have played this server a few times and have only been temp banned i think for swearing...(saying butt or somthing)....i have played by the rules and have made few good friends on here too.
i would like to know why i was banned and have it lifted.

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Thank you for your post, you were banned for permanent UAV on the 18/12/2012 by me, please read the following and respond accordingly but as it is your right to respond please remember to be respectful and swearing free.

at the time of your ban you only had 34 connection so a video recording is not required to prove this ban, on more then one occasion you were spotted by me making shots that lead to kills being made that with normal conditions could not have been made, your play style shows that you know the location of players with out UAV present and at a range that sound could not of been an option, when UAV was active you continued to make kills threw walls that use a "full silent" kit, (I will also make a note that even with jammer and silencers and reduced noise perks active some noise can still be heard) and the surrounding game play noise was at a level that a location of the targets could not of been known unless help was given, on more then one occasion you made mistakes with the correct location of a player due to the player being above or below you thus rules our wall hack and points me towards UAV but at the time of the kills and UAV was not active and you had not been killed from that location prier so kill cam and UAV was not a factor, also team chatter was clear during those times so a location given from team mates was also not a factor.

there are more details I used to try and prove your innocents but was unable to find any, if you are able to inform me on how you know the location of your enemy at a toggle that does not conflict with the rules of NJ please respond but like said before keep it respectful and swearing free as the server rules are the same here.

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ok, thx for reply anubis

with the gameplay, i often shoot through walls randomly at hot spots that i know players tend to sit, i also play with my volumes adjusted so i can here players movments such as when a player might be using silent movment, they still make noises when they reload, change weapon or jump(also falling from low heights makes a bit of foot noise), again like i said with the randome shooting, it also apply to some of my long range shots (sniping or DE'ing), i use knowledge of previous locations to guess where a player might be, this only helps get me few kills, most of the time is unafective...its when i get killed by someone i cant see i most use that tactic untill i find my target. besides all that, its just guess work or lucky shots for me.
im sorry if i have put the wrong example out but i didnt think(and still dont) i was doing any wrong and hope that i can resume playing on this server.....

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Thank you for the respectful response, the tactic you speak of is one used by myself but the game play you speak of and the game play I have seen shows no sign of "fishing" and all the shots that made the ban happen are not high active areas and unless you have changed the levels of sounds to reduce the noise of guns and bombs to enhance the sounds of foot steps the sound give away was not present during the kills I have seen.

at the time of the ban I had other players talking to me and other admins talking to me after a few of these kills asking "did you see that?" I was the one defending you, I do not like to ban players and as a rule NJA only ban hackers, this ban was not done on a whim and with that find what I have seen more proof of an aid then skill, please take the time to read what has been said in this and other posts and make a final post I believe an out come will be made soon, I am a person that can be reasonable if you can prove doubt in my mind then I will have no choice but to remove the ban, if you want to provide proof please use this area to do so.

Thank you again for posting.
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hi again,

could u plz tell me what map and where these shoots where made. i still stand by what i said about what u call "fishing" where i shoot at spots that "I" know of where other players tend to hide. i thank you for defending me at these times. there isnt much adjustment for volume but all i can do besides turn down master volume(music and speech) is use gaming head set and just listen carfully. when u talk about these types of kills, i have also seen ALOT of these happen to me, some of those also by NJ admins and it has rain'd doubt in my mind, but i use same tactics as some have and now i have been accused of hack.

again i hope this can be sorted as i do enjoy playing this server when ever i get time.

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Due to the time it has taken for you to question your ban I would find it interesting that you would be able to remember the maps before you were banned and still give insight into how these shots happened but I am willing try this out.

<MAP> Overgrown

your location was by the wooden crate next to the wooden bridge, with no UAV you ran towards the building with the blown out side to escape an air strike that had started during the running you scoped up and burst fired to kill NJA-Wan-Solo (at the time Wan was using a "silent" pack and had just spawned there) that was in the main room but you had no sight of that room and had clear sight of the stairs that you continued to run up after the kill was made.

<MAP> Ambush

your location behind the sand bags on the second floor above the stack of cars, facing down towards the dumpster that is a known spawn point, you look one way then another then stand up scope and kill a player that is on the second floor of the most back building with the mounted gun on the bottom floor, there was no UAV and the sight into that building is not visible from your location.

<MAP> District

your location on this map was behind the part wall with the spot lights shining up the wall, your scope was pointed along the street with the brick pile and parked cars and the hotel, from there you flick your sights to the left and killed a player (sorry the name eludes me at this time) that was in the hotel, you had not seen this player enter here so you had no idea the player was there (I had been specing from the start of this map) there was no UAV running and the excesive use of nades and distance from the kill sound could not of been usable.

with time my memory of more details has faded of other kills that made me spec you at length before your ban I wait for your response to these kills, thank you for the time.
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thx for that

i have thought hard about thoes kills and like you said, cannot remember all of them perfectly but i can tell u what i can make out. the ambush map stands out as that place on the second floor you mentioned i have hardly used but on that occasion i had seen the player in that building from the second floor in the building to the right, after i was killed by him(i think it was he that killed me), i moved to the building in question and managed to line up an accurate shot...keeping in mind i have played these maps ALOT and i do have knowledge of where i can shoot or aim to get a kill in limited visibility positions... and to think about the actions discribed on district sound like my style of play and i do recall that kill, im pretty sure i had seen the gun or leg of that player through a gap between a closer wall and wall of hotel.. also the action on overgrown sparks interest in me as whenever an airstrike happens, i tend to just stand there like a stoner and dont run, but i think if i recall that kill corectly, me and wan solo were battling for the second floor and i had shot in the same spot that he (and myself) had been sitting a few times. i didnt ask about ban because i have been away from home for nearly a wk. i would like to mention that even though u (or others) might have been spectating me, it is possible for me to spot movment that eludes your eyes that can also lead to a doubtful kill. i cant accuratly prove innocence without a video but all i can do is ask that i am given a last chance and if a moment of doubt is present, that sombody askes me at the time so i can have a chance to justify myself while memory is fresh.

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Sorry but as thought out as your response is its not the kills in question as all the kills I said are ones that I have watched from the start of a map to the end of it and with that was able to rule out all the kills you said as that is factors I had considered before a ban was made, I find that there is no more time needed for this and have decided to the keep ban active.
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