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Hey guys It's furyan here, and I thought I would just introduce myself to everyone, since i play on the NetJam server quite often.
Well, my name Is Austin, 17 years old, Just recently retired from competitive gaming, I was an Invite/Academy player... played Cod4 and Cod2 in many leagues. Such as, Cevo, Electronic Sports league(NESL), Team warfare league(TWL) Cybergamer(CG) and Clan base(CB). Played on the following teams : Radical Gaming( Yes i played with Jaysdesigns), divi5ion, Pop lock and drop it, Redbyte usa, and many more.
Attended the Summer fun LAN which was in Dallas texas.. Pretty much I'm just looking to chill and have some fun with people that love to play games as much as i do...;)

Feel free to add my xfire:crackerjackblack

You peak you lose

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