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Banned: NoClue


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Alright, I have no idea why I was banned, just running along playing and BOOM, kicked. No reason, no warning, nothing. The only clan members there were NJA-Foo, NJA-Bunny, and NJA-EasterB. I'd like the ban lifted or at least some explanation of what rule I broke. Been playing this server for about a year, the same way, no different and never banned before.
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Unfortunately, you were caught walling. The map was broadcast. I was in the bathroom, and you were out in the rotunda area. You spawned, CLEARLY line up directly on me in the bathroom and shot me through the stairs and wall without UAV on. Cheating is something that we don't take lightly, sorry.
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Sorry, I didn't realize shooting you through a wall was a no no, especially since I'm walled numerous times a game when I'm sniping in the sniper building outside the main building (as many snipers are), by clan members and non-clan members alike. To me, it's no big deal if I'm walled; it's part of the game.

I did not realize that using legitimate information about the location of the opponent was cheating. I knew you were there because you had just killed me in the bathroom, and the kill cam showed you hop up onto the toilet and camp there after the kill. I then spawned on the other side of that wall, so I lined up and shot. If I happen to know you are there, how is that any different than knowing it because UAV was on? It's not like I'm was going around shooting through every wall just hoping to hit someone. I knew you were there. It's like walling up into the room that looks over the main room with all the desks. People get killed from that spot, the next time they spawn they immediately start shooting up the room, whether they see someone or not, because they knew someone was there. I've never seen anyone banned or warned for doing that. I try to adhere to server rules when I play, but with 20 or so servers I play on, sometimes you forget who allows what. On occasion, I've been banned for a couple minutes because I broke a rule and didn't see the in game posts about the rule, but when I get back in I ask why, apologize, and don't do it again. I didn't see any posts from you about my walling, though like anyone, when I get intensely focused on the game, I can tend to not see the chats for extended periods.

I would respectfully request you reconsider the ban.
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Sounds good and all, but I have UAV blocker. Could have been someone behind me that had it, I dunno, it was just very clear on the screen. I'll remove it and consider this a probation period. Thank you for responding in an adult fashion. Things go much smoother. :)

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Hey, thanks Foo. I know mistakes and misunderstandings can happen. I try and given everyone the benefit of the doubt, so that hopefully, it can be returned to me in the future. No hard feelings and I hope to see you around soon!
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