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Speccing without being listed as 'spectator'

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I sort of discovered this accidentally, but I think it's pretty neat - maybe a useful tactic for players who try to hide or even turn off hackery once they notice admins in spec?

1) Choose a team, then ...
2) At the 'Choose Class' screen, don't select a class. Press 'Esc' instead.
3) You'll be listed under the team you've chosen or been assigned to, but will be able to spec other players.

This works at the beginning of maps.

If you're in the middle of a game and currently playing, you have to switch to Spec first, and then follow the steps above.

Nothing earth shattering or anything, but a little less obvious perhaps than being listed under the Spec list. Nice way of collecting demos. Sorry if everyone knew this already - that's certainly possible, hehe

just your friendly neighborhood Net-Jam C4 champion ;-]

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