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Seriously... What can I do to prove I'm not cheating?!


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Seriously... I am at a loss for words. I am not a cheat. Have no reason to cheat. This is like the last good, moderated server out here. Why would I screw that up the random times I choose to hop on and play? I use headphones... when I hear someone running around I go investigate, and damn near 4/5 times I'm onto an enemy. Success.

But to wh, seriously?! NO WAY

Yall are on the server as I play, why would I even try that crap in front of yall?

and here I was about to donate...

Hope we can clear this up... willing to do what ever I can to prove to yall.

(Ace has video "evidence" of this so please let everyone review to prove I'm innocent. I'd also like to see it as well if I could.)

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To be honest I use every bit of info given.

Using the sound of foot-patter, gunfire, and falls.

Using escape button quickly to check map of my team surroundings to rule them out.

I've been playing this game for years so the layouts of the map and common spots where people tend to gather, hide, etc are like second nature. (playing against Rayvin makes me think he's a damn robot, lol... I'd say he uses the same tricks)

Visual... Using tracers both from teammate gunfire and enemy can be very beneficial. Also using the bullet impacts can be vital. Get a bullet impact...check map... see where team is... go for the kill...

Shadows help seeing room movement from outside...

UAV... DUH (many people forget though, that unless the weapon is silenced, you pop up... and by following your general direction of movement on the map, hurry round to meet ya there.

BULLET PENETRATION- This is what I SWEAR by. Once an enemy's position has been given, just as in real war, turn that cover into concealment. Make it Swiss cheese. My percentage of kills went up exponentially when I gave this more time. Follow that enemy as he runs away through doorways or around a wall... its surprising what you'll actually kill. (using deep impact of course.)

Also the spawns with the shorter number of people lately have been screwy. I've noticed that teammates spawn in close proximity so if I end up around a group... go ahead and assume there is another right there. I've also been more jumpy about my back because of the gun game servers... hate losing levels to knifes.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to defend myself.

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ShortBus wrote:
I was on the server at the time you were kicked. You have some highly suspect kills and you have an ability to know where everyone is at all times. I spec'd you on several occasions scan the map. Then, to be able to know EXACTLY where to put your crosshairs regardless of the difficulty of the shot, i.e., from the ground through an open door through a window with a head shot as the result. Not normal—even Fierce doesn't make those shots.


The only thing on this that I can hypothesize is that maybe I didn't see you on the radar and maybe it was a teammate a bit farther back. This would have made me use general direction to go meet at the corner or w/e this occurred and that it was you who was ahead of him and I ran into you?

I know this situation has happened to me and I completely assumed the same thing. However, this has happened several more times since and I have become aware of that being the cause. (Fierce makes em... thats why I die all time against him.....my keyboard hates me, I'm a hitter, yes I know temper)
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Dead Silence isn't silent at all. A good set of headphones is going to yield a totally different experience than playing with some crappy speakers (which is what I do).

Given what you've typed, I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt. Of course, I'm not a NJA and it isn't my call. I also haven't seen the demos.

And the admins here are very good at making the right calls, although of course it isn't impossible for mistakes to happen, especially with judging wallhacks. A sufficiently smart wallhacker I think would make it darn near impossible to catch him. At the same time, players that smart usually don't resort to wallhacks in the first place.

I like using the escape button trick, by the way ;) although I never shoot through cover. It doesn't seem to work well for me, but I suck. There was also one time sort of recently where I saw someone's UAV dot, waited for them to come out of a doorway, and killed them. Turns out that guy had jammer & silenced, and it was his teammate's dot. I wasn't expecting there to be two guys though, and ran through the door only to get shot. I don't have many more of my own suspect kills to share though, I'm not good enough to get them too often.

addenum -- apologies, I did not realize this was in the Ban Appeals forum and that I probably should not be posting in here, as a non-NJA. Oops! Sorry for that. Feel free to do with this post as you wish. I just clicked through from the home page and didn't even notice the forum section - d'oh. My bad.

Normally this would remove this but you make some good points - Steve-O

just your friendly neighborhood Net-Jam C4 champion ;-]

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