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Constantly Kicked


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I work at a LAN gaming Center called "Pixelated" (http://www.pixelated.com/) and every time we try to log into Net-Jam Hardcore it auto kicks within 2-6 seconds of play time. We encourage and try to keep our users friendly and polite towards server rules. I was wondering if there is a temporary BAN if it can be lifted, this would be very appreciated. Also I am a big user of this specific server and have been for quit a while, I go by the name of "Doom".
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Hi Doom,

Thanks for your kindness.

Make sure that there is no "Grenade Launcher, Martydom, Last Stand" perks, and bad language. Net Jam server bot will kick and temp ban those who violate rules.

Temp bans only last for 12 hours if i recall correctly!

Hope this help.

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Is there any message from the console when your clients get kicked?

There are some functions that the BOT does automatically. If your clients are all using the same GUID then if 1 gets kicked, EVERYONE will get kicked,

If you can the next time someone gets the boot, have tham come to the forum , maybe we can explain what happened.

If it is a manual kick by an admin, then that admin will be more than happy to go into great grim gruesome detail as to why the kick/temp ban/ ban was issued.

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