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Potential WH: PrankSter, maybe one other

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Here's a what I think to be fairly convincing demo of PrankSter playing a map just now in Strike, using a wh. Despite dying a very high number of times, I think there's an uncanny ability to find people here that suggests more than just luck, accident, or superlative awareness.

There's another kill PrankSter made that came at the end of my normal recording of the match while I was playing. I can attach that too if need be, if this one is insufficient.

DancingQueen was in the server at the same time spectating Coll o'back (not sure about this spelling). He and Prank had identical pings, and at one point stopped after meeting each other at the center of the map, despite being on opposite teams. After a brief pause Prank shot Coll in the face.

Although I didn't spec Coll, I think it's possible that they are two IRL buddies from the same area who both hopped on to hack together. Coll would be one to watch out for in the future if he comes back.

(edit): I guess they left, and who knows if they'll be back. I hope this was worth posting still, somewhat :p

just your friendly neighborhood Net-Jam C4 champion ;-]

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