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New Mouse and New Headset, Opinions?

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11400 dpi? holy crap O_O

I think it honestly just comes down to preference. No one mouse is really better than another, it's just a matter of what you like better. I'd have a hard time switching mice right now because I've been using my current one (Razer Copperhead) for a few years.

As for headset, I'd read the reviews. In my opinion, the most important part of a headset is how comfortable it is after hours of play time. I'm not what you would call an audiophile, so any headset I wear sounds generally the same. I'm too lazy to read the reviews myself so I'll leave that up to you lol
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SteelSeries make a dam good mouse pad so i would expect them to do the same with mice, the headset, well i have nothing good to say about my luck with their hardware but im sure u will be ok but...keep the receipt close by

at least u can setup one of the side buttons knife me now instead of shooting me in the back of the head
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I do have a gaming headset, but no gaming mouse. My headset is the Razer Megalodon which I got on sale for about 85 USD and my mouse is the Logitech HG10 or something like that :)
It has the perfect amount of weight to it (in the back towards palm) and my thumb and fingers fit perfectly and snuggly into the grooves. The two buttons that are accesable via the thumb are well placed and can be configured to your liking. By default they can control going back and forth between pages in a web browser and when configured to a CoD4 game the key registered is Right Arrow (top button) or Left arrow(lower button)

...::んo丂イノレ乇 んムᄊ丂イ乇尺::...

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