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First visit to the NJA forum and I cry for HELP!!

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Hello respected NJA players!
I'm new, just made the account on your forum in urgency...
Currently there is a hacker in the server and it's ruining the game for everyone..
Obviously he's using a wall/aim bot hack.

His in-game name i.d. is Hack Txus <-

Is there any way to contact the admins right away?
I haven't check the forums yet, which I will.
And Helloes!
From RedMango.

Don't quote my quotes!

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Hey there, I believe your problem was taken care of by some other admins. For future reference, the best way to contact the admins right away is via xfire. You'll find the xfires for most admins by hitting the "Admins" link at the top of the website, underneath the banner. Along the right side of the page that comes up is a little button with an "x" on it, clicking on that will bring up that admin's individual xfire. I highly recomment adding all the admins that are on there, as while we are not always online in the server, we are often online on our computers doing other tasks. For example, during this situation, I was on Youtube, but my xfire was open and ready to go should the need arise.

Hope this helps, and enjoy your stay on the server. Good players are always welcome. :)
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