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AvataR's Ban

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so after browsing thru the threads i came upon hostile hamster's "#SwaG AvataR's" no recoil and possible wallhacking video. i looked at both the times that were mention by i believe fierce. (20-25 secs, and 50-55secs) apparently those were the only 2 suspicious times that he saw.

20-25 explanation:

kill on Mint: first of all i played with mint a more times that any other NJ members in your guys server and i kno he rarely to never uses dead silence. and i heard his gun shots from inside the 3story building in which i was standing. which gave up his general position and made me react and check it out. and i did miss 2 burst rounds still i finally hit him but that was because he jumped into the shot as i backed out and shot a 3rd burst and i made my way down the stairs for cover from his rounds.

50-55 explanation:

Attempt on kill but died: This one was common sense and i have no idea why this was even mentioned. i believe i did have uav at the time and knew the positions on my ally's. so is it not the players instinct to look the opposite way?

Note: this video had very little to pretty much bad audio. and with the headset i used to use when i competed in leagues. this helped me detect even the slightest of movement.

This is the answer for Hostile: yes i like the believe that i am an advanced player due to the fact that ive played in many LAN tournaments in my state and also thru TheWarfareLeague (www.thewarfareleague.com) back a couple if not a few years ago b4 the competitive side of COD4 was trashed due to matchmaking in mw2. i played for both of known top teams if not the teams who applied alot of pressure to the opposing team (DreamTeamL- led by dreamgirl, and reZurrection - led by Violator).

i just wanna kno the exact proof that you guys based my ban from because that video i saw that hostile had taken of me just really doesnt raise any red flags....just as they shouldnt. Why take a game i love so much and took time to play and ruin it with hacks just to ruin the fun that drew me in to want to play this game competitively in the 1st place?
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