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about me. about time!

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Hi all, as some of you noticed, I finally joined mumble!

So I decided to introduce myself:

I'm a 22 guys living in Quebec, Canada (that's why my high ping) I speak french and a little english... I will scratch your ear, be ready! I study in engineering, working part time, shoot some NJA part time too: I love that ;)
I'm new on motorcycle and I love that ! I have a suzuki DRZ-400 supermoto and this spring will be my second season. I like to go ride in Vermont, very nice place. Anyone coming from there?
Otherwise, I'm doing muay-thaï, have already 4 fight: 3-1-0 and 2win bye TKO heehee
COD4 is my first FPS and Net-Jam is like my kind of home, makes couple of years I play in and I would like to stay in for a couple more :)

That's pretty much it!
Have a some lovely-bullets to share with you guys, see you soon!


Following NJAs, because NJAs are awsome

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