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maybe someone should clean up the forums a little.

my opinion this is what should be done.

1.have section for banned for peeps who come and ask why and to state there case.
2. have a demo/ hacker spotted section where people can add and submit only demos or just notify that they think they are hacking.
3. clean up other sections where people thinking someone ifs hacking and demos and put iin where they should be at.

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Hi sG,

We do have a forum called "banned?". Read Straws post at the top and all will be explained. This is where players can appeal their bans. It has been there for a couple of years now.

You actually posted something in it but that is the wrong place for your post so i moved it to the right place....

Our forums are what they are and have worked well up until now.

Ps, don't be shy to offer up more suggestions though because if we see something we like, we may well try it......
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