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Mic prob on Win 7

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Hi guys,

I just pass one of my computer from XP to Win 7.
I have a stupid little problem, but it get's me really angry!! @#$%?&*(
My microphone working well, but... BUT! the volume is going down alone... I was first thinking it was because I was going in game and for a unknown reason he was auto turning down...
but in fact he's doing that all the time...
So if you have any idea to fix this, I'll appreciate!



Following NJAs, because NJAs are awsome

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First up Ray, make sure your mic boost is turned off and that the mic is not too close. Then check that there isn't a program like Skype or something else that is loaded up and controlling the input volume....

Windows 7 doesn't do this itself..... I've had this problem myself and my fix was to change headsets but that may or may not work for you....

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Steve-O... Your the best XD
It was that: stupid skype!! I fix that and it resolve the prob at... 50% hahaha it seems the the Mic have take a hit and it have false contact. Will send it and hope they willbe able to restore it, otherwise I will have to change it :S


Following NJAs, because NJAs are awsome

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