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Top 5 Single Player Shooter Campaigns

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Let's see what everyones favourite SP campaign games have been. I'm not bothered if you wanna include the most groundbraking games that have set the bar or older games from your youth but I'd prefer newish games with modern graphics and the like cos I'm gonna be wanting to play a few of your suggestions. You can group franchises together if you want like I have done. I wouldn't mind a short description of why you loved the game so much, even if it's just for your top choice.

Ok heres my top 5.

1) F.E.A.R and F.E.A.R 2 - I played these when I first got into PC gaming about 3 years ago and they had a lasting impression on me. The graphics were astounding and the action just non-stop. The double karate kick in the first game has to be the all time best melee weapon ever, I used it to open every door in the game. Pity they left it out for the sequel. Plus nothing beats nailing someones friggin head to the wall with the bolt gun. Most of the action was more kinda clearing rooms style which I like and the variety of nades just made that type of action even more satisfying. Add in the bullet time with it's amazing visual effects and the slightly wacky but gripping storyline and you got yourself a winner. If you want a real challenge try playing through these games only using bullet time for the Sci-Fi baddies not for human soldier conflicts.

2) Crysis and Crysis Warhead - When it comes to a games overall look then nothing beats Crysis. Stunning settings. The gameplay wasn't bad either. The nanosuit just brought that extra something that set these games apart from your usual shooter giving you many different ways to complete sections of the game. Great production values all round.

3) Call of Duty MW and MW2 - I feel these 2 games have really set the benchmark for the action military shooter genre. Fast paced and completely linear, they are a real pleasure to play and are 2 of only a very few SP campaigns that I have played through more than twice. Infinity Ward really outdid themselves here and I think more studios should look at these games to see how to present an action movie type shooter. Some may say that they wern't long enough. I say, bah! quality over quantity.

4) Half-Life series - One word, atmosphere. thats what really made this series great. Ok, I came to PC gaming a bit late and when I played the first Half-Life the ancient graphics took a while to get used to but I loved the game! For a game as old as that it says alot. The games continued to mature well and HL2 was just spectacular. I'm sure alot of fanboys would rate these games higher but I just feel they took things a bit too far with their episode installments.

5) Wolfenstein (The newest one) - This might surprise a few people but I really liked this game, I thought it was pretty epic. I made a decision pretty early on not to use my super weapons on any human enemy's cos it just made the game way too easy and I'm so glad I did. The little sandbox element in the town wasn't really needed and some of the boss fights were way too hard but the action was slick and all the peices of the game seemed to fit together so well.

Honourable mentions - Bad Company 2, Prey, Timeshift, bioshock, Code of Honour 3, Red Faction Guerrilla, Left 4 Dead, Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood.
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Almost the same for me in that list as well. Except for Half-Life and Wolfenstein... Never played either of those too finish... 4 would be FarCry2 and 5 would be... unsure of 5 atm lol... Some good mentions thou

Timeshift - Love the time factor involved... was brilliant

“We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it.” - Sovereign Mass Effect

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Dr.Strangelove wrote:
Funny. If I made a list of top 5 most hated games then Far Cry 2 would make it somehwere there for sure. Horses for courses eh.

Hilarious review for it here:


I was only playing it for lols... like trying to kill enemies using the flare gun... or just butchering any entire fuel depot lol

“We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it.” - Sovereign Mass Effect

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