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Today...May the 21st...2011. Hacking going on in the Net_Jam server (as usual on week-ends) I x-fired Crush to come and get rid of some hacks...and he did and I thank him for that. A little later, again as usual, more hacks showed up. I again tried to x-fire an admin...no luck. Fortunately (or not) Anubis comes in. I was being somewhat of a smart ass with the hacker dude (s). Anubis accuses me of disrespect for something he thinks I said (which I did not) and kicks me. I come back on and he tells me that I'm kinda on thin ice anyway for "complaining to much". I say bullshit to this. I went back over the logs and did'nt find any reference to the word "pussy" that he says that I said. I DID NOT SAY IT. For whatever reason, I feel that I am being singled out for revenge of some kind. Again I say BAH! We are here to have fun and watch each others back...that's what I'm trying to do...watch your back when no admins are here...and I get attacked for trumped up bullshit. I don't like it..you would'nt like it. So I say this: I've been a part of Net_Jam for a long time. If you would rather me stay out of the server...let me know and it will be so!
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NamVet, I have only the highest respect for you, both as a clean player on our server and, obviously, as a veteran from 'Nam.

That being said, a few issues have come up here. Anubis DOES have a point, you do say a lot of things on the server that you know you shouldn't be saying, namely to people that you believe are hacking. It doesn't make our job as admins any easier when you announce for the whole server to see that you believe someone is hacking. What we would prefer you do is simply switch to spectate, watch the accused person, and record them, preferably with at least 3 instances of hacks (you know this already), and then send the demo to any of the active admins, and we'll take care of it.

As far as I'm aware, none of the admins have too much of a problem with you, it's just when you begin to break our rules it touches on a few nerves. Please try to consider what I've said, and we should have no further issues. :)
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I agree with both you and Fierce. I do go a little over the edge at times. It's just frustrating as hell when there are obvious hacks on and I can't do anything about it, and can't get ahold of anyone on either x-fire or mumble. I will work on my "patience". But this isn't the issue in this case. Either way, not to worry. I'll be a good boy...or at least as good as I can be...Rock On. . . . Gary aka NamVet.
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