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I had to review the demos using cod4player to see the enemy outlines to help me decide whether to post these demos.   His play diminished soon after I chat replied to Poet and said that 'I'll post mine' referring to his statement about posting a video on NJ forums.  

Thanks to Cow for reminding me about some of cod4player's great reviewing features.



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Hi, I am the player in question via these demos. Let me add that I also live streamed on twitch while playing after being accused since I don't want to be falsely banned. I can provide the vod to that if desired. I don't know, however, whether these demos where specifically recorded when I started streaming. Additionally, my play may have "diminished" due to the maps we were playing (I am better at the maps that were played competitively via promod). 

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Let me also add that I have almost 200 different connections to the sever where I have played and have not been banned...maybe its because I'm not cheating? Anyways, if livestreaming more often would help to vindicate the fact that I play the game legitimately, I'd be happy to stream more. 

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I'm one of the frequent demo recorder/reporters.  Note that many of my reportings do not result in a ban - the admins are VERY fair about their review process and if there's any doubt by them, they typically don't ban.  But I also don't care who it is I'm recording or however long they've played COD4 or been playing in the NJ server so I will do so whenever I see fit to.





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