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Does anyone here play DayZ in 2024?

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I've been checking out DayZ lately.  I initially got into the early access years ago and recall some really fun times back then.  Like any other game (except COD4 lol), I eventually quit playing it.  The biggest gripe from many players back then was that it was a pure 'running simulator'.  Nowadays DayZ is more of a complete game, and def. a true survival game.

I got my butt wiped out the first few times I tried to play it 'solo' on some vanilla servers (official, no mods) but I see that the real action is on the community servers (most with various mods).  So much has changed that I decided to setup my own personal DayZ LAN server and have been learning about all the new game mechanics then plan to start playing on some official hardcore (1st person view only) servers soon.  


Question:  do any of the COD4 regulars here play DayZ?  I would be interested in running with some folks.  One of the neat recent updates included the capability to spawn in with friends (huge game changer there).  I would gladly join up with people on NJ teamspeak if they want to give this a try.


If anyone is interested in checking what DayZ is, I recommend going to youtube and checking out the DayZ videos put out by soursweet and heybarmby.  If anyone would like to try the game out and run with me, private msg me here.  We would start out on vanilla offical servers first.   Most players seem to be runners (never stopping, running from one place to the next) and a small pop are 'base builders'.  I think the base people are mostly in clans/groups that can maintain that sort of thing.  I just want to run with a pack, and gang up on a solo player - handcuff him or her, then pour cleaner down the throat and finally shoot them and put them out of their misery.  Just kidding!  (or am I?)



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