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I'm a do it, going to race 2old to 1000

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Golly thanks Turbo,

Not much, I actually thought it would take longer, and so give me something new and interesting to do in this game.
Personal goal now is to try and get to 1025,  seems like it will actually be a challenge as the gain seems to be weighted the closer you get to the top. 
To go from 999 to over 1000 it seemed to take about 10 kills without a death as each kill was only adding .1 to the score.

I'll give myself until Feb-01 to play only in this style and get it or not, I'll go back to normal after that.


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I had reached lvl 55 naturally, once upon a time.  Since then I just copy/paste my backed up level 55 profile folder (COD4 MW is the only COD that allows this) after each new PC install.  But I have also done the $rankup in server chat for the instant lvl 1 to lvl 55 before but I decided to never do the one that unlocks all challenges.  To this day, I still have some remaining challenges.  


Speaking of which, have you ever jumped into the well before? (it's a challenge) LOL



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